Me and Alfred on our way to the back to school Student and Faculty Breakfast!

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((Part one of Midnight Calls. Part two will be up sometime soon hopefully. School starts tomorrow for me so mun will still updating like a sporadic chicken ono ))

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Sounds legit. Maybe I should en roll though I suck at gym or at tech... ok I shouldn't go then. ^^"

It’s one heck of a responsibility too :T

Other than schedule things, the Academy is normal-ish. It’s got rumors, finals and mean teachers just like any other school..

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Break in if you want but I’ll be waiting… :P

» Declassifieds


Tool: Anterograde Tea

Use: When unexpected/unwanted visitors enter the academy who are not violent they will be treated with hospitality and given this herbal-amnesia inducing blend.

Side effects: None are known at this time.

Reversibility: 4/10. Hypnotic treatment my help.

Side Note: This tea will always be served in cream colored cup with purple around the rim. This is a go-between for other operatives so they will be cautious when this tea is being used.

I could teach you, but I’d have to charge~ xDDD


(( did you just…))

Wow, Rude =3= I could do it if I wanted! I just don’t want to… >_>;;